Monday, February 25, 2008

Ayah used to say that I was a quiet baby sitting quietly at the back of his red austin car while he was driving we were in Ipoh for a year I supposed then again I do not recall anything.Well this is very brief and my parents did not relate anything while in Ipoh,I suppose things just passed by and before you knew it a year passed.

Once while revisiting Batu Gajah Ayah let out a cry which he rarely did,he encountered his first car,the red austin.I took a long glance at it, I must have been 6 or 7 it did not impressed me at all.The red colour is not shiny anymore and it look old how could Ayah like it so much.

Well talking about the car,this I remember doing.Well you see the red austin was Ayah’s pride being his first car and all.Its place was always in the front of our house while in Kuala Lumpur under the porch.So one day I must have been bored what with all the attention was showered on my sister so I was thus left to play on my own.So,being a girl of about 3 or 4 I took a small rock and start to carve all around the car.Ayah must have suspected it was me although I manage to throw away the rock afterwards,as the scratch mark was just my height all around his then shiny red car.I did not get any scolding for Ayah never scold his children while Mak the car was not exactly her department so I get away with it.


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