Monday, March 3, 2008
HERSTORY,My First Kite

I had my first kite when I was about 9 years old.We were staying in Johore Bahru and in front of our house was a field,I think it consist of at least 2 football field it was huge.Normally there will always be men playing football in the evening ocassionally there will be cadets doing their exercise regimes and to make the story short ther are always something going on in the field.

Now there is one season in a year that almost all the kids in the neighbourhood and beyond will start to bring their kite to fly in the vast field.I do not know what month it is and it did not matter much but I will sit at the verandah of my house and watch all these kids mostly boys bringing their kites passing by my house to go to the field to play.So every day during the kite season I will sit and watch.During those days kites are not colourful as it is today and most are hand made.Those on sale are not that nice but it costs only 5 cents and it cannot fly that good either.

It so happens that during the kite season my maternal grandmother,Nenek came to stay with us.Nenek was a frail old lady who always complain of her aching knee,so she hardly ever leave her bedroom and spend the evenings sitting and looking out the verandah.

We were just sitting there looking at all the littl and not so little boys going to the field and suddenly I told Nenek that I want a kite too.Nenek was never the one to say “No,little girls do not fly kite.” Instead she did the next best thing a grandma could ever do.

She calleed to a little boy a little older thatn I was at the time and told him to make a kite for her granddaughter,I still remember her words to this day.”Tolong buat satu layang-layang untuk cucu nenek ya!”

My face lightens up when the next day this little boy (whoever you are thank you very much) come up to the verandah and handle me the kite of which Nenek took out a 20 cent coin and give it to him as a token of thanks.

I was very happy but I could not go and fly it yet I need some strings.So I showed it to Mak and Ayah.Ayah gladly says he get some strings but Mak scowls and ask where I get it and when I said Nenek paid 20 cents for it she said thats just wasting money as she can buy it for just 5 cent.Sigh!

Anyway the next day I got my string and Ayah help me tie it up when he came home for lunch and after lunch he help me fly my kite.Since he has not enough time to go to the big field in front of our house he opted to fly it near the badminton court by the side of our house.Now this badminton court is surrounded by trees big ones and also small ones.I was too excited to think of trees and stuff so when Ayah said hold on to the kite and when I shout let go you just let go and sure enough the kite flew for 10 solid seconds before it decide to swirl down and hit a branch of a tree.Ayah tried to pull it off but it ripped so thus ended the maiden voyage of my first ever kite which Nenek paid 20 cents for.And I did not even get the chance to fly it.Its sad I forgot if I had shed tears on that day or not.There was a succession of the 5 cents kite after that but it was not the same .It can never be,my first ever kite was only made from newspaper and it cost 20 cents, expensive then for a kite but it was the best kite ever.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the boy (now a man) for making me the kite and for that he is 20 cents richer.
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