Wednesday, February 27, 2008
Herstory,Grandma and Grandpa

My grandparents did not look grand at all even as a young girl they look small.They are indeed .Tok which we affectionately called him was a small man smaller than my dad,He has thin hair that he swept across his bald head,wears thick glasses and always had smiles and praises for his grandchildren.He once told me that by the time I am old enough to go to high school the RMC which is the Royal Military College will accept girls.This sentence baffled me up to this day.

Tok did not seem like stern man but I remember that when he is around Ayah and the rest of my aunties have this certain kind of fear and respect for this small man.I could not remember much about him but everytime if we go back to his place,he would come back on his big black Raleigh bicycle.You see my Tok has 2 wives and he make sure that both his wives got equal time with him so if his children from his first wife who is my Pah came back he made sure he spend the time with his children lets say if he spend 2 days with Pah then he will disappear for 2 days to spend with Pah Muda.I do not know what to call his second wife as I have never met her and no one ever talk about her to us the grandchildren.So you see how Tok keep up to his regime.

He was very good to us his grandchildren we would ask permission to ride his bicycle and he always oblige much to the disatisfaction of my Ayah.Well Ayah was right afterall Tok needs his bike to travel.It is his only means of transportation.So growing up I thought poor Tok can only ride a bicycle.It was not until later when the old man has long passed away(alFatihah) that I knew that he once owned a car,which later he had to trade for a motorbike and later on to only a bicycle.This is so that he will be able to support having a second wife and many kids.

Tok still works long after he retired,I remember sometimes when we arrived back in our hometown Ayah would drive up to his office which is situated in a shoplot somewhere in town and we would see him sitting behind a desk with a pile of files.I soon got to know that he was a legal clerk.

Pah was also a small lady,who loves to keep her house spick and span.She will work till the wee hours of the night cleaning up.I remember she used to cook the cat fish which Tok would bring home alive,she will put it in the sink and we can see it swimming in it.

She also loves to tell us stories about the “Sang Kancil” the mousedeer which is cunning and knows so many tricks.We use to listen to her tales before we sleep.

There are so many stories to be told about Tok and Pah,I cannot recall them all at once,but stay tune folks .To both of them Al-Fatihah.


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