“We will be moving to Kuala Terengganu next year” Ayah announce after lunch one day.This is no surprise for me as we are always moving and after a few years in Kuala Kubu Bahru I kind of expecting it.I was glad to move on but at the same time I was reluctant to leave my dear friends at school.You see I was in form 4 and if we move I would have to go to form 5 in a new school.I try to reason out with Ayah why I should not change school but Ayah would not hear of it,so off to KT we go.
The new house was like a resort facing the South China Sea.On a clear cloudless day with the wind blowing in from the sea you can actually sit and forget the troubles away…..Oh how I wish I could do just that.I came to KT in my final year in high school the year that will tell my fate, my direction in life no more honeymoon.You see if you ever got to transfer to these rural places you have to come up with so many challenges first and foremost the language barrier,their slang which I cannot understand.

This is of course is not something that cannot be overcome.Soon I am speaking like one of them.

In those days kids ride their bicycles to school and so did I.I used to ride pass the Istana (Sultan’s Palace),the padi fields (now is either empty fields or with a few houses sprouting on them) and the long sandy beach passes a few kampung houses and mostly governtment quarters before finally reached home.

I later learned to drive in KT.My uphill task in drving lesson is at the only hill in KT.Nowadays they just use mock hills.

Of all the years of school I remember the ones in KT the most ,I was at my most miserable there and when its time to move out.This time to Kuala Lumpur


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