A lot had happened since I last wrote,let me just furnished the events here though I cannot remember the exact dates;

1.Before Ramadhan 2009,I experienced non stop menses and had to go and have treatment .Had to take 3 pills a day and this goes on about a month and the month is Ramadhan.Miss a pill and the menses is heavy again.

2.After raya I had detected a lump in my right breast and i had a mamo done and later the lump taken out and its cancerous.

3.Had a 2nd op to detect whethe th C had spred to the lympnodes Alhamdullah it had not so its stage one .

4.Went to Gold Coast,Australia and then to NZ for kakak’s graduation with Aminah ,Khadijah and Fatimah, had a great time but wish Hashim and abang could come along.

5.In January I start my month long radiotheraphy,and am tired all the time.

6.nine months down the road am doing good am on temoxefen and regular visits to see 3 doctors.


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