HERSTORY At The Airport

When I was 6 or so we (my parents,my only sister at the time ,my uncle and a dear chinese friend of his.)I could not recall why we were at the airport but that is not the story about to be told.
This is the story ,after we have sent a certain someone on board,Mr X (the chinese friend) try to impress my uncle and what better way than to take us (the nieces) to the only emporium at the airport and told us that we can have whatever we want.Now,whatever we want is very subjective,I for once in my entire 6 years of age stared in awe at the display of toys,chocolates,candies and what-nots.Ohh this is it 6 year old heaven.As my eyes roam around looking for the most interesting thing money can buy I heard a voice whispering in my ear,”Why don’t you take the biggest tin of chocolates?”Till this day I was not sure whose voice was it but I followed order and took home a tin of chocolate.The story is not over what happen to my sister ,she must have been about 4 years old then,she start to look around and finally caught sight of a big Koala bear on the highest shelf and insisted she wanted it.Now my sister is not the kind to just walk out quietly she would throw a ig tantrum,Mr X try to talk her out of it because that bear cost a fortune.After a hard time consoling and cajouling the little imp,he gave up and to this day I can picture the expression on his face as he pulled out his wallet to pay for the Koala.When we walk out to greet our parents who were surprised at the sight of the bear.That is life and how persistence a certain person can be.


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