ASAP Training

Just completed a two day training at Public bank in jalan sultan sulaiman.Day one I arrived with rather bad mood kinda day and I met this not so pleasant person and start asking unpleasant question.Well that is it am not going to let this tiny episode spoiled my day.As the training commence I got better.Let me summarize what I learnt from this course.First and foremost we are divided into 4 groups 1.fabulous 5 2.bomb 3.power 4.superstar I belong to the last group.My team comprise of Syezal,Shiqin,Wendy,Wawa,Cannie and yours truly.
Our module include 1. Identifying your personal self,knowing your limitations,your setback.Why certain things seems to dominate your life,it also teaches about erasing negative thoughts and how you can start thinking positive,how to overcome fear,knowing your drawbacks and overcoming obstacles.There are also lots of physical activities involve and it is so much fun.


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