Putrajaya,F1 and all there is to it

9,10,11 April Formula One in Sepang ,Anis is a volunteer that is the reason we went to Pullman hotel seriously I only heard of the hotel last Friday and going to find my way through Putrajaya got to be the lamest thing I ever had to do.I do not know why any body would choose to buy property there.
By the way back to Pullman hotel story we arrived after actually going round to look for durian at Broga(there isn’t any) then we proceed to Bangi,bought rm100 worth and Bolt for the first time got a taste of the king of fruit.So we drive all the way to Sepang then to Putrajaya with the durian and all.I finally made it home with the durian at around 4 pm,stop over the bank to bank in money to Siti for Mas wedding.
I spent the night thinking that tomorrow I simply have got to give Bolt a good clean up and I did just that the next day with a good polishing.
I have not really finish with my story of Pullman hotel,it is situated in a very barren plot of land overlooking a man made lake which does not look impressive at all.The hotel is fully booked because of the F1,since Petronas had a share in it they simply had to fill her up for the big event.
actually Putrajaya is about 45 mins drive to Sepang,they be better off in KL.
I somehow did not like Putrajaya,it’s that feeling of nothingness and a lot of wastage.


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