Wah is what I fondly call my auntie,my father’s eldest sister.She passed away at 6.55pm on wednesday 13th April 2011 at the age of 94.My earliest memory of her is when my late father used to bring us to her place that is a government quarters at jalan duta,at that time jalan duta was a quiet stretch of road.We that is my aunts Wah,Wawan and cousins used to sit in the garden (these were the days that dengue was unheard of) watching ayah trying to teach mak to drive the little red car.
I remember that my auntie wawan used to stay with her along with kak Ani my cousin,wawan’s daughter.Wawan cook the best spaghetti and meatball soup ever.
I remember once when we go visiting Wah,my cousin kak Za showed me a rubber snake,actually she tried to scare me with of which I scream and cry ,I was about 5 years old then,of course she had a scolding from Wah.Later on when they were busy doing something else,I,being a kid go up and open kak Za’s drawrr and voila saw the rubber snake and there was also a scissors so the next thing I remember is kak Za complaing to Wah that her rubber snake had been cut into pieces of which Wah replied serves you right for scaring her.
As I grow up I like going to visit her she was kind and almost always had chocolates to give away.Her kitchen was so neat and clean too.Whenever there is a wedding at her place it was also grand all of my cousins from all over will converge to her place,we had lots of fun.So now that we have families of our own we hardly go for visits anymore so the only time we see each other is during raya,still she being tne good host always had table full of goodies.I will always miss you Al-fatihah.


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