On the 7th May 2011 we ,Anis and I climbed up gunung Irau in Cameron Highlands.There are 26 peolple in our group all from oil and gas .
Two days before the climb I caught the flu then on the way there my nose start to sort of dry a bit and I thought it was going to be ok on the day of the climb.It is ok when we are going up but on the way down I started to get breathless and had to stop many many times and about 1km on the way back had to swop bags with this guy,Nizar.Actually theres nothing in my bag except for 3 litres of water and my camera,but since its big they assume I have lots in my bag.
We started our ascend at about 6.30 am all 26 of us then we start our climb and manage to reach bukit botak at about 11 am and we continue on to the peak and reach the peak at 1245pm and we started our descend at 1.05 pm.I took so long to reach the base and am the 2nd last to reach it followed by Anis and en Jamri who is kind enough to wait for me.Before Wahab and Nizar followed me then at the last .85km Anis and Jamri.
I made it I made it up to Mount Irau and back.


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