MOTHER (1939-2011)

Bismilallhirahman nirrahim


Nabi s.a.w said “Wa amalan bin Niat”,what ever we do is based on our niat.Sometimes we may see somebody do bad or discraceful things but maybe his/her niat is good.In Islam we received pahala for thinking of good things,we also received pahala for thinking and doing good things and we also received pahala for thinking of doing something good but we still have not done it.So you see,my children it is very easy to received pahala and why am I discussing these topics here read on……
My mother is very different from all the other mothers I know ( but then again dad always remind us that everyone is unique),she’s very secretive about her past.She always talk about all her disatisfaction in her life more so after dad passed away.The final few years in her life she had dementia then her dissatisfied rantings stopped and she seems happier too.

Mother,Hajjah Rokiah binti Idris died on 29 Rejab 14.. on a friday 1st July 2011.She was laid to rest in Bukit Beruntung after the Friday prayers.Its a blessing that she died on a Friday,at least we are sure of a saf of people that will solat her jenazah.
In her life she must have done lots of good deeds although we cannot see or failed to see in her amalan but its certainly there in her niat,for Allah made us see it at her death.
It was a very easy death for her she was not bed ridden,she is able to take care of herself wanting to be at home most of the time.We children are not made to suffer to be by her bedside nursing after her and she died with a smile hard to do after you have been shove down a tube at the hospital. Barakallahufik.My mother is not  what one may call religiously pious ,she hardly go to the masjid for ceramah,she hardly read the quran,she never watches all the agama shows on tv,she never read agama books then what good deeds that she do you might ask that Allah showed at her death she died smiling.

Let me tell you the mother that I know….

All my adult life I had known mother always observed the 3 months of fasting that is in Rejab,Syaaban and Ramadhan and followed by 6 days in Syawal, she never failed to perform the solat.when I was about seven at Bagan Serai I noticed she took out an exercise book,the kind that year one pupils use for arithmatic.It had big squares ,so I asked her what she wrote in each of the squares.She told me that she keep tabs of her solat lest she forget and she must qada it.I also noticed that she never failed the zikir after solat,she said if you  zikir remember to always use your fingers for these will glow at akhirat.She also told us not to do bad things to another muslim for if they decided to doa then you will be doomed.She is also very particular about food making sure its totally halal .

She also emphasize that we should khatam the quran before embarking on other things like wanting to learn the piano.Mak also like to cook.She will cook up a meal for guests.I remember during hari raya she will cook up rendangs and ketupat and baked cookies and cakes.

Somehow or other due to materialistic and selfish reason I forgot to noticed these little things mother did.Even on her death bed she ask to solat.Her hands were tied down because she might just get up and walk away so it was for her own safety.Looking back I regretted not to let her go so that she can perform the solat even though she cannot remember and no longer wajib for her to do so.So my children there is a lesson to be learned here.Jadikan ini sebagai Iktibar.


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