Dear all,yes it…

Dear all,

yes its been a long while since I last wrote .Too busy (excuses,excuses),to sit and really write my story .Many things happened:

1.25th Dec 2011 Anis bertunang to 4.1.2012 to Krabi scuba diving

3.21st January 2012 CNY break akad nikah at Masjid At Taqwa TTDi

4. 26 jan 2012 doa selamat at Kijal

So basically thats what’s been happening.

As for me am taking personal trainer, initially for me to go up Mount Kinabalu but I found out am so not in shape and I had to continue taking now am training for 3 km run .I wanted to run all the way .As of today I can only run for 5 mins and I had to fast walk at speed 6 now I can run at speed 8.5.Yesterday speed 9 good !!

My other half sign up with my trainer early January.Before he always make lame excuses about having to exercise,saying he can’t commit ,not enough time too many operations,the lists are endless so I told him to sign anyway and whaddaya know now he is into the gym he workout most days even the weekends,and sometime last week he told Along(the Trainer )to buy him the protein shake. That’s a good transformation.And everyone can see his muscle grow.

My workout give me strength and it really reduces my knee ache.As of today I did not go for training as I have this backache,its only a mild one but am not taking chances.


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