Mabuhay Manila

On the 10th of March 2012,we that is Abang,Aminah,Khadijah,Fatimah and yours truly board MAS flight to Manila.We are to spend a night in Makati ,Manila and board a Cebu flight to Boracay Island on the 11th March.Our flight to Manila that day is at 1015 and we reach Ninoy Aquino International Airport about three hours later.
After we checked in the hotel with about 12 other people from Dr Ko’s clinic staff and their families,we head on to the shopping mall to buy food .We went to Glorieeta shopping centre and went to SM supermarket and manage to buy bread,corned beef and other stuff.The next day we took a flight to Boracay Island.Flight at 0935 arrival 1040.Then we had to board a van which take us to the pier next door and then board a boat to the island and took another van to get to our hotel by the beach.The beach is soo beautifuland full of people.Boracay beach
We stay in Mandarin Island Hotel for 3 nights.On arrival at 3 pm abang already starts his conference.
So I walk around theres so many stalls and little shops selling souvenirs mostly t shirts and beachwear drinks,eateries,diving centre tattoo parlours,food stalls ,hotels and massage parlour.
Later in the evening I manage to get halal food.Its a funny place which does not even resemble a restaurant just a kitchen and she will prepare what we want,so I order 4 crab,2 fish,vegetables and rice and it sum up to about 2700 pesos,this is about RM192,which is a lot.In the end we did have food leftover and ate it for lunch the next day.Then for dinner I just ordered fried rice and it cost just 350 pesos for 4 people.The next day I went up to order dinner and found out that they have cook dishes for lunch so I packed some as we are going island hopping and manage to borrow plates as well.


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