My First Photo Safari SOLO-JOGJAKARTA

28th April-2nd May 2012

On 28th April a day after my sons birthday (yes now I have two who celebrate the same day birthday) ,and a day before my darling other half 51st birthday I set off to fly Air Asia to Solo in mid Jawa for my first ever photo safari outings.I do not know what to expect.Abang sent me off to the bus station at OU to take the bus to LCCT.We set out to have breakfast at Jasema at 630 am and when we reached the bus stop everyone was already in the bus so while abang park the car I was already in and the bus all set to go.


I saw him coming as the bus reverse and did not have time to say proper goodbye,so off I go.I packed my big red bags with five sets of tees and pants and shirt and all that I need.Its a good thing too cos I sweat out a lot and did not have time to do any washings and what nots .

I waited at LCCT reading Hose Rizal book.Later when we were about to board the plane I heard somebody called my name .It was Sasha! She is going to be my room-mate for the next 5 days.We met at PMPE at the golf club.

Landed in Solo after about 2 hours flight.It’s hot in Solo.The custom check out is so crowded but I manage to come and be in the first ten.Met Pang did not know him until I saw his Leica camera and asked him if he was with photo safari and he said yes and introduce him to Wong and another guy whom I forgot.He also pointed out to James and Huey Ling who is husband and wife.We met at PMPE also.Anyway when everything is cleared with the customs I went outside and met another familiar face,it was Maxby.

So after waiting for the rest to clear the customs check we went to Best Western,Solo.There I met another familiar face,Ayah Chu.After we put in our bags and solat we went to eat lunch  ayam penyet before going to catch the sunset at a lake called Waduk Cengklik.Sunset and I realize camera running out of battery and my spare is at the hotel room waaaaaaah!



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