I finally step on our neighbour country Indonesia on the 28th April 2012.I flew into Solo City airport via Air Asia-now everybody can fly-airplane.I have the seat at the front which is a blessing if you are going to fly to Solo.The seat is not comfy at all, mine cannot even recline but no worries I am busy reading about Hose Rizal.

After flying for about two hours we reached our destination,the pilot wanted to say something but I cannot decipher what.He is mumbling to himself.Anyway soon I realize that we had to wind back time an hour soon as the plane landed we,the front seats passengers are allowed to go down first.This is why I call it a blessing.As I have to make my visit to the “kamar kecil” I hurried out as fast as I could and as I descend the escalator the officials directed me to the foreign passport counter of which am only no. 5 in line,as I waited I saw the loo next to my line just across where am standing but I dare not leave my queue.So I waited to what seems ages and the queue start to grow longer and longer by the minuteI met Pang Inotice he carried a Leica so I asked if he was with Photo Safari to which he said yes and then he introduced me to Wong and pointed out to James and his wife Hui Ling,the latter two I have already met during PMPE two days course recently.When I finally get my passport stamped I hopped on to the loo.

That is not over with the customs as I walk out they wanted to see my passport again and this time they wanted to checked my bags.After all this as I walk out I saw Maxby what a relieve.We had to wait for quite a while before we are ferried to our hotel-Best Western Solo (I think the tallest building in Solo with 7 floors) The decor is impressive enough compare to the one in Makati.

After we put our bags and me performing my solat jamak we are transported to a restaurant to eat ayam penyet.I do not recall if I am hungry or whether the food is delicious but I know one thing I finished up the whole platter minus the sambal of course.After five days in Indonesia I cannot even eat another single plate of ayam penyet or nasi minang again because every time we go and eat these are the dishes.

After lunch we went to catch the sunset at a lake call Wadik ( I think) I forgot to bring my extra batteries and the one I had in the camera is already blinking ohh man!My first lesson learned.

1. always have a spare battery on hand.

Then I realise that we should all have a tripod,so lesson no 2 is to have a tripod.

Anyway i do get a few shots though not good enough and later I were to find these out from my other half who discreetly said that I will someday learnt to take good pictures like the other photographers,yeah thanks a lot not a word of praise.So next time around am not going to show him my pictures at all.


This is a scene from the lake.After this we went back to the hotel and before that stopped by to have nasi with lauk minang.(see I told you its either ayam penyet or nasi minang dejavoo for the next 4 days.Thus I end my first day ever in a land that is so mystical because as I walk on Indonesia soil I expected the earth to shook beneath my feet or the mountain to spill off its larvae but alhamdulillah none of these things happen.Instead I was greeted with warm sunshine clean clear air ,landscape of padi fields low buildings arrange neatly (as seen from the plane) and the thing that amaze me most is that the place is clean.Solo is a clean city,full of people but still clean ,cleaner that TTDI sad to say.


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