I am so excited.First I got to go to Guangzhou free with Public Mutual.Secondly I think its the most exciting place.There is nothing much going on in Guangzhou,it is only the manufacturing hub of China but I guess the thought of being in the land so big and full of history fascinates me.

Guangzhou is modern,it is a new city with 100 million population.The roads are wide ,highways are up till 3 layers high.The shops goes on and on.The Canton tower use for TV broadcast is the highest in the world as of today at 433.2 metres high.The Pearl river flows effortlessly across the city,bridges are constructed to cross the big river.Trees are plentiful and foliages are so green and healthy.Flowers blooms and are neatly arrange in rows upon rows by the roadside.Certain areas of the city are planted with mangoes which bear hundreds of fruits.Cars are few compare to the population ,buses are not crowded although you see so many people,reason is I suppose the subway is so good.These Chinese do things in mega proportions.High rise buildings are plenty.

The Chinese love to travel by train .When asked how far is Hong Kong from Guangzhou,they will tell you 2 and a half hours by train.As for me being on the land that is so rich with history,folk tales,legend and all these mega things is so awesome.As I walk alone by the River Pearl I could not help thinking of the warior fighting for their emperor,or of my ancestors working hard to earn money to start a new live in foreign land,after all I am half chinese.It is a land so culturally rich.The chinese are comprise of old people,the child bearing age people are plenty but with one child per couple the children are few.

I would love to go north to Beijing or Xian next,insyaallah


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