First of all what I am about to write here have nothing to do with the book of the same title,nor of its author John Steinbeck.
It happen this morning I was at the gym,never notice it maybe I see it but it never occurred to me until this morning.I had just finished cycling about 20 odd kilometers.
It took me a whole hour to do it,I was sweating and I feel good,so after that I did a few weights and then decided to call it a day.So there I was outside of the class cooling down and then I saw it .The class is full of ladies sweating it off.The instructor is the only man in the class of about 20 ladies doing the punching in body combat class.The same applies to the class of body jam before this.
While I was lifting weights there were about 5 men there! Now where have all the men gone to .Rat race?So the ladies are not working ?
Maybe they are at some kopitiam or mamaks stuffing their face and their lungs.Some can puff away dozens of cigarettes,while talking to their mate.If I were to pass by an eatery the conversation almost always are about making money.Yes we Malaysians are obsessed in making money,millions,billions and trillions of it .These men and mice are the same.
I was cleaning the store room a few days back.There was this old cupboard which I had not moved ever since we got here,and when I move it the rodent have already accumulated a huge array of cat food.One thing I know I have killed 2 big rats recently,and Chloe have killed two mice.Set traps and a few more get caught,but the one rat that keep all the stocks of food did not live to enjoy it.So they are the same this mice and men,they work themselves silly not thinking of their health.No wonder men go earlier then their ladies.


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