10-18 March we went to the Phillipines,Makati then to Boracay Bay and back to Makati for 3 days.
To sum it up Phillipines is a nice country to visit because of its friendly people,its sad history of Spanish colonization and its paradise island.
Today am just going to write about a place I visited in Makati that is The Saint Augustin Museum.The Museum is actually a church- St Augustin Church ,Intramuros,Manila.
The monastery was originally used as the living quarters of the Augustinians,classrooms,refectory,vestry,library and infirmary.
It was destroyed by the British forces in 1762,by the American soldiers in 1898 and during the Japanese and American liberation war in 1945.
The Monastery was converted into Museum in 1973 as the halls was restored.
San Augustin Museum showcases Filipino,Spanish,Chinese and Mexican art treasures.
(excerpt taken from a pamphlet )


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