HERSTORY The Day I Lost A Piece Of Me


Alhamdulillah,am back home  watching European Cup Finals Rerun- Italy vs Spain.Of course we all know by now Spain won 4 nil.Watched the 2nd half of the match live this morning.Can’t get excited though as my tummy still hurts.

It all started like this…….On Friday 29th June 2012,Zaidah treat me to lunch at Delifrance Leisure Mall along with Kak Raiha..I started to feel uneasy after that lunch.It was muscle pain and its pulling at my right side of my waist.I manage to drive home and lay down .It did not go away so by evening I call abang to let him know that it hurts and he told me to take a pill from the drawer (I forgot the name) Took one and lie down.That night when abang came back ,he examine my right waist and he said it the pain persist I had to go to the hospital.

The next morning ,it did not get better in fact it get worst,so after breakfast at about 8 at Killeney,we went home and abang examine me again and this time he pressed on my appendic and it really hurts .So thats it I have to go to the hospital Pronto.

So there I was at the hospital doing blood test,ultra sound and urine test getting me ready for laproscopic surgery.I was wheel into the operating theatre and I manage to glance at the wall clock five minutes to 4 pm on a Saturday.I cannot remember anything only to wake up groggy and was later wheel up to Alamanda thats the name of my room.


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