HERSTORY Once Upon A Time


This might sound boring to you youngsters but you can opt out am not forcing you to read.
I was born in the early sixties,so my childhood was spent in the sixties and seventies.
I remember when I was old enough to go to standard one,Ayah did not send me off to school.He can if he wanted to,he has a car and drivers too,but I just walk to school.I remember carrying a box like suitcase school bag with a little green board which we use to write using chalk.When we came home from school around noon it gets hot so we carry our bags on top of our head as a shade and walk home.The standard one school children go off early and we just walk off home,not worrying about abductors,or kidnappers or rapist waiazubillah.Life is so much simple.When we get home all we could think of is to go out in the afternoon to play in the fields.There are so many games to play,catching,marbles,bicycles,korak kundi and when the kite season came we flew our home made kites.
When it rains we play in the rain,then we will go around looking for tadpoles.There is no such thing as acid rain.Rain is just rain.
Food are always home cooked,we never eat out,not much choice either and certainly no fast food.
Obesity in kids are never heard of.TV is black and white and starts at 3 pm.Nothing much to see. I only remember Gigantor a favourite cartoon show and a Samurai japanese serial.I also remember Ayah will sit in front of the TV waiting for wrestling.TV will end around midnight.
There were no telephones let alone handphones.Ayah being a police officer had a phone install at home but we have no need to call friends or relatives because they do not have a phone.
Computer is unheard off.Facebook far from it but we are happy and much more healthier than todays kids.
When we get home from school there are hardly any homeworks and tuition is unheard of.We only learnt using books in school,
All of us bear scars on our knees some on their elbows and scratches here and there , these are testimonials for passing the bicycle test.We are glad when our mother send us out to do errands then we can go ride the bike and have a tip for sweets or “ais kepal” a sweet ice treats.
On weekends we do not have to dress to go browsing in shopping complexes because there simply aren’t any.Instead we don on our tattered shirt and shorts head out outside to play from morning till dusk.
Life is a lot simpler and healthier back then.Sigh….


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