5hb Julai 2012

Last Friday 29th June 2012 after lunch I had this excruciating pain on my right hip. Its pulling so bad,that when I get home I just took a panadol and lay down and yet the pain did not go.Prior to this I had this lower back ache for about a week.I did not go to the gym for the week.

What goes on through the week is that I had a few dreams of Mak and Ayah.I cannot remember what they were doing but it is of them.In a way it acts as a reminder that death can come at any time.I woke up grumpy and of course the one closest to me get the onslaught of nagging and whats not.When check my b/p goes up.I still do not know why.

So back to the story of pain I was experiencing that Friday ,it turns out to be my appendix. I was admitted to DEMC that Saturday and a laporoscopy done.Till today I am still in pain my tummy is bloated,felt like I have had a baby.My other half is certainly no consolation.All he did day and night is bury his nose deep in the darn I-Pad.

Tonight is Nisfu Syaaban,and ones doa is granted on this day.Actually if we really ask or doa Allah the Almighty almost always grant us our wish .So be wary of what you ask.On this night: “O Allah,I ask from you for forgiveness from all my sins and I ask you for Jannah and to give me and my husband,my children and my parents,and my siblings and my friends and my neighbors and those who have come into my life Hidayah, and also blessed them with good health and rezeki halal and toyyib.O Allah make my journey in this world and in Akhirat a pleasant one.Rabbana athina fid dunnya hasanah wa fil aakhirati hasanah wakina azza ban nar,wassallahualaihi wassalam.

I am on medication ,I have been diagnose with breast cancer ,operated twice before and now this.Is there something wrong with the way our rezeki is earn.This keep me in doubt.Insyaallah there will be a better way of earning halal and toyyibah earnings.


2 thoughts on “MALAM NISFU SYAABAN 2012

  1. Asalamu alaykum, sister. Insha Allah you are healed and Allah (SWT) hears and grants all your duaas and desires.
    Happy Nisfu Syaban. Alhamdulillah!

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