On A Diet

7th September 2012 

I am starting my diet today and my trainning started yesterday.As of today I felt bloated and lethargic,my arms hurt like its been twisted other wise am ok.I started body step last sunday and yesterday did cycling for 15 mins and moderate weight for arms and deadlift,and also pumping.

As of today my arms still hurts but am not letting that bother me did not go to the gym today but am going to start tomorrow morning and go on for a week everyday and rest on friday. Here is my timetable for the week

Mon- 8am-930am gym /10am -1230pm Cheras (make app)

Tues-8am-930am gym / 10am go for app

Wed-8am-930am gym/ 10 am go for app

Thurs- 8am-930am gym /go for app

Fri- rest

Sat-830am-10am gym

Sun-830-10am gym

There I have set a timetable for myself now to set goals



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