Yes just like the title says it IT has been a good year in fact a great one .This year it must be better than the last.

Anyway here is the event of the past year .I started the new year in Krabi,southern Thailand,scuba diving off The Angry Birds.It was fun.It was the most fun and memorable dive I have ever been in.I was with Anis and her friends.After the dive we, Anis and I went sightseeing on Krabi Island.Sad to see that the islanders comprising of 70% majority muslims who look just like us malays in Malaysia but we speak a different language and thus hard for us to communicate saves for a few who can speak in English,like one local lady said to me in her Narathiwat dialect “Kalu susah sangat kecek orang putih je laa”.Put all this aside Krabi is one experience I will never ever forget,even the foreigner who choose to stay there are more polite than other places.

Now back to my second big event that happen in 2012 that is on the 21st January ,our beloved Anis marry her sweetheart Aminurasid.Abah do the akad nikah,alhamdulillah all went well and we got ourselves a son in law.Welcome to the family.

On the 10th to 18th of March it was the school holidays and there was the Plastic Surgeon conference  in Boracay Island and off we go Abah,Aminah,Khadijah and Fatimah.We have a splendid time in Boracay and Makati.In Makati we went to Subic Bay and witness Pinatubo rage along the way.It must have been daunting to have been there when it erupts.Even the landscape is still a dessert of white soil and in some parts grasses grows.Manila is a big city but the people are poor.We went to Taal mountain and climb up a live volcano.We went up riding a pony and the view is magnificent.We had to ride a boat to the base of the mountain then took a pony amidst the dusty trail then on top there is a crater and another lake and in the middle of the lake there is a small island.Subhanallah.

On the 28th April to 2nd June I went to Solo and Jogja with Photosafari.My first ever photography trip.It was marvelous.I enjoy myself so much.I did not expect Indonesia would be that clean.

11th to 13th May we went to Tenggol island off Dunggun.This trip was book eons ago and I had cancell it because of the monsoon and when Abah decided to go camping with the old boys of UM I decided to tag along bringing Khadijah and Fatimah along.I went diving and although it was beautiful underwater I do not quite enjoy it that much,I think it was because I was alone.

On April 22,we held the reception for Anis at Dewan Komuniti Taman Tun Dr Ismail.

Then in May 23rd to 26th I went to Guangzhou with Public Mutual.I love this trip,we ate we shop we sight see and all was paid for.This is my first ever trip with public Mutual and I love it .I love China too.

As we are approaching the middle of the year I will stop here and will continue my 2nd half of my post later.


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